Evangelical Lutheran Mission Union

Evangelical Lutheran Mission Union in Norway (ELM) is a spiritual home and a fellowship of some Christian friends, who believe in Jesus and work together in the vineyard of God. ELM wishes to preach the message of the Bible in Norway as well as in other countries.

This work is based on The Holy Bible, seen and understood by The Holy Bible's own witness about Jesus Christ, founded on the Evangelical-Lutheran confession of faith and the tradition after Carl O Rosenius.

Concerning the work, we want to do it by using the old paths, in such a way that the trumpet sounds clearly; telling the message of awakening and salvation. Undoubtedly, there is only one thing that matter: that is human beings getting awake to the fact about their relationships to God, and finally; the person comes to believe in Jesus. Then will the true acknowledgement of the Salvation appear.

ELM works in Norway and in Peru. In Norway, there are several places that makes arrangements for meetings. If you want to know more about this, please contact the Head of ELM.

Head of ELM


Svein Mangelrød


Farrisveien 1367


3282 Kvelde




Telephone: +47 33 11 20 47


Email: formann(a)misjonslaget.no


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In Peru, several evangelists work in a town called  Evangelists and secretaryArequipa. All of them are supported financially and spiritually by ELM. If you want more information about this work, please contact

The Peru-mission


Jon Espeland


Svartefjell 24


4625 Flekkeroy




Telephone: +47 38 10 00 61 / + 47 41 30 48 82


Mail: jonesp(a)broadpark.no


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If you want to support the work in Peru, please put down to the account: 3000 13 23454 .

Thank you!